There's a Cuddle In Every Cookie!

Our Story

Starting Up

Suzanne and Bill are wife and husband living in Albuquerque, New Mexico with their two (now adult) children. We began making the cookies that you can order today over a decade ago for family and friends. As the number of people that enjoyed our cookies grew larger and larger, the chants of "you should start a business" grew louder. In early 2018, Bill and Sue decided to go for it and start Snugglecubs Cookies, a premium cookie company that preserves the homemade taste of cookies in a larger package.

Why Snugglecubs?

Snugglecubs was what we used to call our kids when they were little and it stuck! It exemplifies what our cookie company is all about - family, friends, love, and sharing.

Made With Love

Snugglecubs Cookies has been a major part of our lives for many years now and we are happy to share our cookies with you and your family. What started as a simple cookie recipe has grown into a business just as our "Snugglecubs" have grown up as well. We hope that you share the love and joy that we put in our cookies.