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The Madrid

Snugglecubs Cookies

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The Madrid

Sometimes you want something off the “beaten path”, a little different. Our MAD-rid (that’s the way they pronounce it) cookie starts off with a deep chocolate dough, then detours to real espresso and natural sea salt with crunchy pecans throughout. Just like Madrid, our cookie is a delightful diversion from the mainstream.

Available in a Cuddle Box (1/2 dozen) or 1, 2, 3, or 4 dozen. If you would like to order more than 4 dozen, please email us at 

Customer Reviews

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Birthday gift

I sent it as a birthday gift to a relative, and from what I’m told they loved them!

Kate M
So Yummy

I can’t get enough of the Tularosa. It’s so delicious! The texture is perfection, and I’m a very picky cookie eater..

Nancy Jordan
Yummy cookie

This is a very good cookie, my first time eating a Snugglecub. They are moist and chewy. I agree with Pete, I didn’t get any coffee flavor but still delicious!

Thanks Nancy, welcome to the Snugglecubs family!

Great chocolate flavor, but espresso is M.I.A.

Really enjoyed the chocolate flavor of this cookie - definitely a more subtle chocolate taste and very smooth! But being a coffee guy, I was hoping for an espresso-flavored cookie! For the life of me I couldn't taste any espresso in this. Add some coffee *punch* and I'll order another round! Overall though, a good-tasting chocolate cookie.


Thanks for your review and feedback. We do add a substantial amount of espresso powder to the Madrid, but based on your feedback and from Rich's comments below we may want to increase it a bit more. We're anxious to get your feedback on the next batch!

Snugglecubs Cookies

Rick Campbell
Price vs. quality

The Madrid Cookies are in fact very good. I am a bit disappointed. I couldn’t detect espresso flavors and the small concentrated area of sea salt should be widely distributed. Price vs. quality $40+ doesn’t match up to my expectations.

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